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Cat Physical Rehabilitation Waukesha and Walworth County

Cat Physical TherapyIs your old cat moving slowly? Suffering from arthritis? Recovering from orthopedic surgery? Is your cat suffering from a recent soft tissue injury? Prairie Animal Hospital is pleased to have our very own veterinarian specializing in pet physical rehabilitation, Dr. Jaeger.

Cat physical rehabilitation assists cats recovering from injury, surgery or long-term illnesses. Dr. Jaeger's physical rehabilitation consists of veterinary laser therapy, joint mobilization and educating the pet owner with exercise consultations, allowing the cat to feel and move better. Since cats can have severe negative reactions to anti-inflammatory medical treatments, feline physical rehabilitaion and laser therapy are especially beneficial. Veterinary laser therapy produces none of the negative side effects associated with the traditional cortisone injection.

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  • Assessment and diagnosis.  Dr. Jaeger watches your cat move. She examines your cat for symmetry, swelling, pain or decreased function. Limb stretches will determine if specific muscles are suffering from pain and dysfunction.
  • Manual therapy. Dr. Jaeger performs glides, compressions, distraction and movements of the joints and muscles.
  • Physical rehabilitation therapy modalities. Low-level (cold) laser therapy, electrical stimulation and thermal therapies.
  • Pet owner education and therapeutic exercises. Dr. Jaeger and Karen work with you and your cat to design an at-home exercise program. We'll assign exercises designed to condition the whole cat while targeting specific problems. Exercises include strength training, range of motion and proprioceptive conditioning.

The same equipment and techniques used by human therapists can restore, maintain and improve the quality of your cat's life!

While prominently used to heal professional athletes, laser therapy is the hottest innovation in veterinary practice. Laser therapy utilizes laser light to stimulate the formation and release of the body's own chemical compounds and increase cellular energy. Veterinary laser therapy speeds healing, relieves pain and sets your cat's tail wigglin' again! Dr. Jaeger has returned a number of dachshunds from paralysis with veterinary laser treatment and other pet rehabilitation treatments WITHOUT HAVING TO PERFORM SURGERY. The same health benefits physical therapists provide to you, Dr. Jaeger provides to your beloved feline friend!

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