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House Call

Our compassionate veterinarians have been providing a variety of dog care services in Southeastern Wisconsin since 1988. We are dedicated to providing you and your pets with high quality care whether it is at home or in our office.

Dog and cat cuddling
Dog and cat cuddling

The Waukesha area veterinarians at Prairie Animal Hospital arrange veterinary house calls by special appointment. Veterinary house calls are ideal for pet owners with multiple pets.

If your pet is immobile due to a recent canine surgery, house calls are a great way to schedule their follow-up wellness appointment. Your pet will have lower stress levels by recovering in the comfort of their own home. Lower stress levels lead to a faster overall recovery time.

Dog House Call Services

  • Dog wellness checks and dog exams

  • Dog vaccinations

  • Dog blood testing

  • Dog heartworm testing

  • Dog stool checks (the sample is taken back to our office)

  • Dog euthanasia

Cat House Call Services

  • Cat wellness checks and cat exams

  • Cat vaccinations

  • Cat blood testing

  • Cat heartworm testing

  • Cat stool checks (the sample is taken back to our office)

  • Cat euthanasia