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Wellness & Preventive Care

Annual wellness exams evaluate your pet's overall health, detect problems before they become serious, and keep them on track to live a long, healthy life.


The Waukesha veterinarians and staff at Prairie Animal Hospital understand your pet is an important family member. We are a highly compassionate veterinary clinic providing the most thorough care available for all stages of your pet's life. We take a proactive approach to pet wellness with preventative pet care services, detection and treatment of pet diseases, and full medical care throughout your pet’s lifetime. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends that your pet have a wellness exam at least once every year. As your pet ages, they recommend having even more. We believe strongly in preventive care and have developed wellness protocols for every stage of the life of your pet. Depending on your pet’s life stage, vaccines may be administered, as well as disease screenings.

Why are wellness exams important?

Wellness exams give us a chance to evaluate the overall health of your pet, while also giving us a baseline for their own unique bodies and tendencies. They also allow us to detect potential problems before they become serious. They even make your pet more familiar with our veterinary hospital, making future visits easier on them and you.

When should my pet visit the vet?

We believe in preventative medicine as the best approach to keeping our patients healthy. This includes annual wellness examinations, vaccinations on a one or three year basis, external and internal parasite prevention, and dietary management. Our doctors will help determine what vaccinations are appropriate according to you and your pet’s needs. We will discuss in detail what your options are to help you make the best possible health decisions for your pet.

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Waukesha Pet Exam & Pet Wellness Care Includes

  • Comprehensive and compassionate pet exams

  • Pet health screenings

  • Pet nutritional consultation

  • Pet preventative care

  • Pet parasite control

  • Pet flea and tick control

  • Pet vaccines

  • Pet stool checks and urinalysis

  • Pet heartworm testing

  • Pet Lyme disease testing and treatment for tick-borne diseases

Dog Care, Dog Exams & Dog Wellness in the Waukesha area

Like us, our pets are living longer today. Many of your dog's vital organs begin functioning less optimally as he or she ages. More frequent dog exams and diagnostic testing are important for older dogs. Our veterinarians are committed to early detection of pet illnesses for more effective veterinary treatment. Prairie Animal Hospital offers two different cost effective Canine Senior Wellness Panels we can tailor to your dog's unique medical needs.

Cat Care, Cat Exams & Cat Wellness in the Waukesha area

We provide comprehensive head to tail pet exams with a client report detailing our findings and treatments. Our comprehensive report provides further recommendations ensuring your cat's future health. Our cat exams are designed to make you more knowledgeable so your cat lives a happier, healthier life. Our veterinarians communicate everything we perceive about your cat directly to you, from how we determined our initial diagnosis to why we opt for a specific veterinary treatment. We offer two different cost effective Feline Senior Wellness Panels we can tailor to your cat's specific medical needs. We take the quality time, treating your cats as the important family members we know they are!

Prairie Animal Hospital proudly offers comprehensive and compassionate pet wellness care throughout southeast Wisconsin for the residents of Eagle, Mukwonago, and Waukesha.. Call Prairie Animal Hospital at 262.392.9199 to schedule a pet care service or contact the veterinarians today!